PDF SPM System Specs. Published Papers

A best-selling UHV low temperature SPM !
Improved low temperature performance by modifications, guarantees outstanding stability


Sample pretreatment and probe cleaning can be done in the ultra high vacuum chamber, enabling atomic or molecules level resolution observations by ultra low temperature STM/AFM. New probes and accessory devices are available to cope with recent expanding application range.


  • Widely applicable to He temperature STM/AFM measurement
  • User friendly, excellent low temperature performance and stability
  • Optical irradiation using lens stage, suitable for various luminescence measurement
  • Two in situ deposition ports available, applicable for low temperature depositions/adsorptions


  • Ultra low temperature STM, Inelastic tunneling spectroscopy (IETS)
  • Application to various AFM functions (MFM, KFM, SCM etc.)
  • Photoexcitation STM, AFM measurement
  • Ultra low temperature high resolution light emission induced by tunneling current, Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
  • In situ deposition, Adsorption of atoms, molecules


SPM Head
MAX scan range (X×Y×Z) 1.7 × 1.7 × 0.25 µm3 @ 5 K
Resolution Atomic resolution
Base temperature 5 K
Base Pressure Obs. Prep. Ch. 3.0×10-8 Pa, LLC 1.3×10-5 Pa
STM Controller Nanonis™ SPM control system
AFM Function Tuning fork NC-AFM

PDF SPM System Specs. Sample Data