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Greeting from CEO
April 11, 2022

UNISOKU Co., Ltd. President and CEO Yutaka Miyatake

President and CEO
Yutaka Miyatake

【The Challenge of Our Unique Instruments】
 Since its foundation in 1974, UNISOKU Co., Ltd. has taken on the challenge of "providing unique measuring instruments to the world", in the spirit of its first president Toshihiko Nagamura. To date, with this spirit in mind, we continue to listen to the voices of our customers, to take on new measurement techniques, and to improve our existing products. To satisfy their “desire to observe, know and solve” , we offer our customers cutting-edge instruments and provide on-site visits until their systems work properly producing useful measurements and positive results. Through these processes, we strive to build trustful relationships with our customers. We aim to grow as a company that is adaptable to change and that contributes to society by providing significant impacts and new values through measurement techniques. We will keep challenging ourselves, never giving up until our products meet the customers’ needs, and further improving our products and services.

【Our Apologies for Delayed Delivery and Repair Visits Due to COVID-19 Disruptions】
The global supply-chain disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our own supply chain since 2020. In particular, the deliveries of some electronic parts, vacuum components, and superconducting magnets have experienced severe delays. To our affected clients, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might havecaused, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.
We remain in constant contact with our suppliers to ensure timely production schedules and prompt productshipments. We have built a liquefier system for in-house liquid-helium recycling to counter the frequentlow-temperature equipment-test delays associated with liquid-helium shortages. We continue to make every effort toconduct the performance tests without delay.
Regarding the installation of newly delivered instruments, we have resumed our on-site visits in China both by SPECS-TII Beijing and by local UNISOKU employees since the mid-2020. However, we apologize for any delay current restrictions on our logistic support might have caused.
Further, while on-site installation visits have resumed in the EU, USA, and other regions, we have only been able to reach areas that have been granting quarantine exemption for fully vaccinated persons. We thank the customers in these areas for their help in keeping our employees safe during their on-site visits.
From here onward, we will proceed with the postponed installation and repair on-site visits following the guideline set both by the Government of Japan and by the local immigration authorities. Once again, we apologize for any delay-related inconvenience and we appreciate your kind understanding.