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Corporate Philosophy

Management Philosophy

We contribute to the development of science and technology
through our customers researches by offering them our
measuring system that respond to their inquisitive spirit.

    UNISOKU aims to contribute not only to the development of science and technology but also to convenient and affluent society, by responding to our customers’ inquisitive spirit with desire to ‘Observe’, ‘Know’ and ‘Solve’ through our measuring system. UNISOKU will keep on challenging ourselves to offer instruments that our customers really need by being radically creative and combining our technology and wisdom. We always strive to improve the quality of our devices so that customers can use them in relief. We reasonably meet the delivery due date. We offer considerate after-sales supports so that our customers can get results.

Management policy

1. Pursuit of satisfaction and happiness of
  our customers, business partners and employees

Mutual Satisfaction

    UNISOKU aspires after the development and prosperity of our business and the whole industry that relates to development, production, and sales of scientific instruments. We pursue business that each of them feels satisfaction and happiness, and that brings prosperity, through our products and services for our customers, through technical collaboration and commercial affairs for our business partners, and through evaluation from customers and partners for our employees.

2. Hands on approach

    Hints for new products and improvements are at site of customers’ research. We proactively visit and contact them after installation to see how the system is working, and how it is used. By knowing the issues on-site, we take them seriously, then we challenge boldly to find solution and how we can meet customers’ needs.
  • Our factory and head office are in the same site and management and manufacturing are always in close relationship.
  • Our executives frequently visit customers who purchased our system. Since it is important to know how our systems are utilized, we listen carefully to them.
  • Customers voice is always helpful to improve and develop our products.
Training scene Optical Instruments division work SPM division work

3. “Positive challenge”, growth-oriented

  • We accept customized specifications to solve our customers solution.
  • We have independent development department from production department, and actively accept industry-academia partnership development.
  • Development department engages in strategic production development and fundamental measurement technology development.
  • To enhance each strength, we actively accept collaboration with other corporation and aim for synergy effect.
  • We aim to create world-class products and service that can challenge for the world market.

4. After sales service/ Importance of operating systems

  • Our success is customers’ success through our system.
  • With committed warranty, we will complete customer satisfaction to the end.
  • We will take a good care of communication with our customers and put best effort to improvement.
  • Quick response of technical support.
  • Annual publification of News Letter Since 2016
Newsletter2017Magazine1 Newsletter2017Magazine2
News Letter that is published annually, which has helped us to continuously know each situation of delivered system.
Newsletter 20162017201820192020


1. Vigorous investment for future growth

  • In 2012 and 2016, constructed 2 manufacturing factories.
  • UNISOKU has been chosen at projects like A-Step and Development of Advanced Measurement and Analysis Systems by JST and industrial-academia partnership, then started development of new products.
  • Applied and chosen for manufacturing subvention, matching fund type of development and invested to development.
  • Increase of 20% of employees compared to past 8 years, and employment promotion.
  • Sponsorship at symposium and academic conference for growth of science.

2. Upgrading productivity and quality

  • Pleasant environment for work by 5S activities
  • Standardization of quality by commonly modulated components
  • Equalization of assembling process by assembling manuals or inspection notes
  • Share and assignments by defect report.
  • Reduction of wasted labor and rise in productivity by action for quality progress
  • Early identification of issues through close contact with customers
  • Improvement of customer-side productivity through user-friendliness and improving stability

3. Global partnership

  • Synergy products brought by corporation with TII
  • Technical alliance and sharing sales/service network with SPECS GmbH
  • OEM offer to other companies including overseas and adoption of good products from other manufacturers.

Introduction of executives

Executives Photo
The DirectorHiroyuki Mizuno President & CEOYutaka Miyatake The DirectorTatsuo Nakagawa
1987 Joins UNISOKU
Engages in mainly electronical related tasks like design, production and manufacturing process of STM division
The Manager of SPM production
2017 Oct.
Inaugurated as director of executives
2000 Joins UNISOKU
Engages in SPM products, installation in overseas and sales
Manager of development department
inaugurated as Head of SPM division / Director
2017 Oct.
Inaugurated as president & CEO
1994 Joins UNISOKU
Engages in development, production and sales of Time-resolved spectroscopy
Manager of Optical Instruments division
Team leader for JST SENTAN “Development of A Novel Method to Measure Transient Absorption RIPT Method” (~March 2019)
Inaugurated as director of executives