Multi-Source Thermal Evaporator UE-203C/204C

UE Series LEFT: Main body of Evaporator, RIGHT: Main body of Evaporator with shutter function
Evaporator Crucible-type evaporator
Heating Method Direct resistance heating by filament
Inner Volume of Crucible 2.6 mm (dia.) × 6 mm (depth) (material: tantalum)
Number of Elements (Crucibles) Four for an evaporator with no shutter function; Three for an evaporator with shutter function.* The main body needs to be returned to UNISOKU for the crucible exchange. Additional expenses needed.
Mounting Flange ICF70
Connector 10-pin current lead terminal
Cooling Mechanism A water-cooling jacket is provided as standard. (amount of water: 1L/min.)* Water cooling is indispensable, especially when the evaporator is used at 500°C or higher.
Distance from the Flange Face to the Crucible Head Tip At least 100 mm (with no shutter). The distance can be extended on request at the time of order.
Target Distance At least 100 mm from the crucible head tip
Vacuum Chamber Mounting Direction The vacuum chamber must be mounted at an angle of at least 30° from the horizontal.
Heating Temperature Range 150 ~ 800°C* There are some differences between the inside temperature of crucible and setting temperature.
Heating Current Max. 7.5 A ~ 14 V
Baking Temperature < 200°C
Evaporation Element
Material Form Powder, granule, wire, and other forms that can be placed in the crucible.
Material Fill Volume The recommended amount is 1/2 or less of the volume of the crucible (depending on the mounting angle).
Evaporation Material that Can Be Used Elements that can be evaporated at 800°C or lower. Elements that do not react to tantalum.
Recommended Elements Various organic molecules (Materials which evaporation temperature is lower than decomposition temperature)
Shutter Function - Provided as Standard for the 203CS Series
Switching Mechanism Manual switching using the rotary motion feedthrough (with a rotation stopper)
Shutter Plate Size: 34 mm dia.; Rotation diameter: 30 mm
Film Thickness Gauge Function - Provided as Standard for the 203CSF Series
Film Thickness Gauge Element Mounting position Shutter plate surface
Film Thickness Gauge Element Crystal oscillator
Film Thickness Monitor Inficon film thickness gauge element monitor (XTM/2) is provided as standard.