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On-Site SPM Experimental Service

Service Description

We offer high-end low-temperature SPM systems that customers can use as a paid service. The measurement environments are available for on-site visits or online connections.

Features and Benefits

 ・Our engineers perform maintenance, which results in optimized systems and fast initial measurements.
 ・You do not need to worry about arranging refrigerants and other supplies necessary for operation; we take care of everything.
 ・Some systems are available for 24 hours a day using online connections.
 ・We provide measurement assistance, including sample exchange.
 ・We quickly respond to necessary arrangements and improvements that ae identified during use.
 ・You can bring your own instruments for sample preparation with prior consultation.

 ※This is not a joint research project, and 100% of the results belong to the user. We do not provide any data analysis methods or services.

Our service is intended for:

 ・Researchers who wish to evaluate their samples by conducting measurements with our systems.
 ・Those who need to perform measurements that cannot be done with their own equipment.
 ・Customers who face challenges in installing our systems due to limitations in their facilities or location.
 ・Those who are exploring the possibility of installing our systems in their lab.

Mr. I Mr. M Mr. Y  Unisoku in charge of replacing samples/tips, refilling liquid He etc.

Available Systems

Please refer to the respective product pages for detailed product specifications.

Lowest-temperature commercial STM system

USM1600 publication list USM1300 publication list Now accepting
  • UHV
  • Vector magnetic fields:X: 1.75 T, Y: 1.75 T, Z: 7 T
  • STM temperature: ~ 40 mK
  • Electron temperature: ~150 mK
Sample surface, tip preparation
 Ar sputtering, EB & Direct current heating, Stage heating, Low temperature cleaving

  • Majorana observation
  • QPI in vector magnetic fields
  • Tip approaching on a small sample etc.

<Examples of measurements:Observation of Majorana bound states>
Observation_of_Majorana_bound_states-1 Observation_of_Majorana_bound_states-2
S. Zhu et al., Science 367, 189 (2020).

1.5 K UHV SPM with Optical Access
Joule-Thomson refrigerator based ultra-low He consumption SPM

USM1200 publication list Now accepting
  • UHV
  • SPM temperature: ~ 1.5 K
  • Q-plus sensor AFM
Sample surface, tip preparation
 Ar sputtering, EB & Direct current heating, Low temperature cleaving

<Unique experimental techniques>
  • Optical pump-probe STM (OPP-STM)
  • Shot noise measurements

  • STM/AFM observation of molecules
  • Nano-scale observation of carrier dynamics
  • Atomic-scale shot noise measurements etc.

<Examples of measurements:Shot noise measurement on Au(111)>
Shot_noise_measurement_on_Au(111)-1 Shot_noise_measurement_on_Au(111)-2

UHV Time-Resolved Multiprobe Microscopy
Carrier dynamics measurement of micro samples on insulating substrate

Time-resolved STM Demo measurements available now
Multiprobe stage (top)
Multiprobe stage (top)img
Probing on monolayer MoS2
Probing on monolayer MoS2

Time-resolved tunneling
current of monolayer MoS2

Time-resolved tunneling current of monolayer MoS2
  • Independent control of four tips
  • Observation of small sample on insulating substrate
  • Gate voltage application available
  • Optical pump-probe time-resolved measurements
<Experimental conditions>
  • Temperature: 77 K or 300 K
  • UHV
  • Laser wavelength: 488 nm, 532 nm
  • Time resolution: ~10 ns (488 nm), ~80 ps (532 nm)
  • Transition metal dichalcogenide thin films

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