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Power Supply for EB Evaporators EBM-100

Power Supply for EB Evaporators EBM-100 Remote controller EBM-100 Body

EBM-100 is suitable for sample heating and EB Evaporators by electron bombardment


  • High power (Emission voltage :3kV,Filament voltage :7V)
  • Emission voltage/current and filament voltage/current are variable respectively
  • High stability
  • It's possible to control with a remote controller
  • Light-weight and compact


  • EB evaporation in UHV
  • Sample heating by electron bombardment in UHV


Power supply body 1
Remote controller(EBR-100) 1
AC cable for power supply 1
Instruction manual 1


Accelerating voltage
BNC connector for high voltage,
voltage max. 3kV/ current max. 100mA
Filament output terminal PRC03 connector Tajimi,
Voltage max. 8V/ current max. 5A (Negative sides of accelerating and filament are connected inside)
External control input
BNC connector
Filament voltage control signal : 0-10V
Accelerating voltage control signal : 0-10V
Monitor output terminal BNC connector
Filament electricity terminal : -0.3~0V (-0.1mV/A)
Emission electricity terminal : -1~0V (-10mV/mA)
Dimensions・Weight W430 x H99 x D450 mm Weight < 8Kg
Voltage AC230V (+-10%) 50/60Hz Single phase
(AC100V (+-10%), AC115V (+-10%),
AC200V (+-10%) are available as option)