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Au film on Mica AU15M


A gold (Au) deposition film on a mica substrate is the optimum substrate for scanning probe microscopy of monomolecular films

Au film on Mica AU15M

Typical STM Image (1×1μm)

Typical STM Image of Au film on Mica AU15M

The Herringbone Structure (250×250 nm)


  • Mica substrate size: 15 × 15 mm (Standard)
  • Mica thickness: 60–120 µm
  • Gold (Au) film thickness: 100–150 nm


  1. Non-standard sizes up to 20 × 30 mm are available.
  2. Please bear in mind that because this product uses natural mica substrates, its surface has a certain amount of wrinkles and bumps as characteristics of mica.
  3. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Heat Treatment

  • Heat-treatment, around 700°C, is necessary to the sample before using, with a hydrogen or butane flame in air to obtain a gold surface with a Au (111) orientation.
  • With the herringbone structure characteristic of Au (111), the heat-treated surface will automically have smooth terraces, with average sizes on the order of 150 × 150 nm.