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Middle end model of a compact designed ultra low temperature SPM with Super conducting Magnet. Much smaller than USM1300.

4He LT UHV SPM with SC Magnet USM1500

New model ultra low temperature SPM with magnet having good cost performance and ease of use. The height is minimized compared to USM1300. AFM is optional.


  • AFM measurement in high magnet field (Option)
  • Guarantee outstanding stability and high resolution
  • Operation in high magnetic field up to 8 T
  • Lower than USM1300 (height 3 m), No need of construction for pit or ceiling


  • Superconductivity phenomena under the ultra-low temperature, observation of the electron energy structure
  • High resolution imaging for atoms and molecules
  • Observation of molecules kinetics using IETS
  • Observation of spin responses using STS in high magnetic field.
  • Application for spin resonance measurements introducing high frequency
  • Observation of high resolution magnetic structure, spin polarization STM


SPM Head
MAX scan range (X × Y × Z) 1.7 × 1.7 × 0.54 µm3 @ 4 K
Resolution Atomic resolution
Base temperature under 2 K
Magnetic Field Maximum 8 T (Option : 12 T, 2-2-9 T vector)
STM Controller Nanonis™ SPM control system
Base Pressure
Obs. Prep. Ch. 3.0 ×10-8 Pa, LLC 5 ×10-5 Pa
AFM Function Tuning fork NC-AFM

PDF SPM System Specs.