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High end model for ultra low temperature and high magnetic field STM !
Actively utilized both in Japan and overseas, making a contribution to advanced research of surface physics.

UHV ULT High Magnetic Fields USM1300

High performance STM widely used in the leading edge surface science researches realizing the lowest base temperature and high magnetic field as commercially available systems. It is possible to customize a sample preparation system fitted a study goal. Fundamental to study superconductivity and low temperature physics.


  • The only 3He model commercially available which can attain ultra low temperature of 400 mK.
  • Maximum 15 tesla super conducting magnet or 3D magnet can be mounted
  • Guarantee outstanding stability and high resolution
  • Various accessory equipment and home developed multi function probe are available


  • Superconductivity phenomena under the ultra-low temperature, observation of the electron energy structure
  • High resolution imaging for atoms and molecules
  • Observation of molecules kinetics using IETS
  • Observation of spin responses using STS in the strong magnetic field.
  • Application for spin resonance measurements introducing high frequency
  • Observation of high resolution magnetic structure, spin polarization STM


SPM Head
MAX scan range (X × Y × Z) 1.2 × 1.2 × 0.34 µm3 @ 4 K
Resolution Atomic resolution
Base temperature less than 0.4 K (3He)
Magnetic Field Maximum 11 T (15 T optional)
Base Pressure Obs. Prep. Ch. 3.0 ×10-8 Pa, LLC 5.0 ×10-5 Pa
STM Controller Nanonis™ SPM control system

PDF SPM System Specs. Sample Data