Ambient 4-Probe Surface Measurement System UP2000-4P


Micro to Nano Manipulation of Samples
Measurements of various kinds of electric properties of sample surfaces by multi-probing

This system enables various kinds of "micron-order" to "nano-order" surface electricity measurements and manipulations in the atmosphere.

Ambient 4-probe Surface Measurement System UP2000-4P 4-Probe Stage and Optical Microscope
High Vacuum 4-probe stage and Optical Microscope (custom order) Custom Order

We also manufacture high-vacuum systems for probing, and surface measurements in vacuum. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have.


  • Positions each of the four probes individually along XYZ axes by using a PC and a remote control, while observing the sample surface under an optical microscope.
  • No need to make troublesome sample position adjustments. The sample stage can also be moved independently in X and Y directions.
  • Heating of the samples.
  • Manipulate samples easily and intuitively while observing the sample surface shown on the screen of the PC.

Basic Components

  • 4-Probe stage (with an optical microscope)
  • 4-Probe controller (with a remote control)
  • Notebook PC for controlling and observation (with a controlling software)
  • A set of PtIr probes


Optical Microscope and CCD Camera
Minimum Resolution 2–13 μm (with the standard lens)
Zooming function as standard
2 Million pixels CCD camera
Maximum Display Size: 1600 × 1200 pixels
Equipped with an illumination source and fiber as standard
4-Probe Stage
Size L 140 × W 140 mm
Inner Diameter of Stage Case (optional) 200 mm dia.
Maximum Travel Distance XY: 5 mm, Z: 3 mm
Fine Positioning Travel Distance 1 μm
Driving Method Pulse control and linear control modes
Sample Stage
Maximum Travel Range X axis: 10 mm, Y axis: 5 mm
Driving Method Pulse control
* The heating and cooling stages are available as options.
Sample Holder
Maximum Sample Size 10 × 10 mm
2 contacts for applying the current for heating
* 5 contact terminals are available for users.
Probe Tip Diameter 0.5–0.3 mm
* Other probes are available as options
* We offer Pt-Ir and tungsten probes.
* Each probe tip is provided as a measurement terminal.
Control Unit
Dedicated 4-Probe Controller
Input Voltage 100–115 VAC (50/60 Hz), 200 VA (MAX)
Input Dedicated control terminal
Output Dedicated 4-probe terminals (4 outputs)
Display Function LED to indicate the pulse-controlled movements in the X, Y and Z directions
Dedicated Stage Controller
Input Voltage 100–115 VAC (50/60Hz), 100 VA (MAX)
Output Terminal Stage control terminal, X and Y axes (switched manually)
Input Terminal Dedicated external remote control terminal (equipped with a remote control as standard)
Personal Computer for Control
Notebook PC Compatible with Windows® 7 and 10
Software Dedicated control software pre-installed
Remote Control Dedicated remote control equipped as standard
* Electric property measurement circuits and other necessary items should be prepared by the user.