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Laser Flash Photolysis System

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Laser Flash Photolysis System TSP-1000/TSP-1000M This image is TSP-1000M-02R System

TSP-1000 is a laser flash photolysis system for the measurement of transient absorbance. There are many uses in the analysis of the elementary processes of photochemical reactions. With a nanosecond pulsed laser as the exciting light source, this system measures transient UV-VIS absorption in a broad range from nanosecond to millisecond.

Data are acquired by the combination of a photomultiplier detector and a digital oscilloscope in the single-wavelength monochromator system, and by the combination of a photodiode array detector and a high-speed AD converter in the multi-channel spectrophotometer system. In both systems, time resolution up is available to 10 nsec.

Exciting Light Source (pulsed YAG laser)
Pulse Width 4 ~ 6 nsec
Energy (TSP-1000) 200 mJ @ 532 nm, 60 mJ @ 355 nm
Energy (TSP-1000M) 25 mJ @ 532 nm, 8 mJ @ 355 nm
Repetition Rate 10 Hz (single pulse available)
Monitoring Light Source
Lamp 150 W Xe arc lamp of high stability
Lamp House Air-cooling type
Light Intensity Adjustment Iris function with a space to insert an optical filter
Light Guide for Light Path
Material Fiber optics made of quartz (transmittable in the range of 200 nm ~ 1000 nm)
Length 1 m
Sample Cell Chamber
Temperature Range 5°C ~ 60°C
Temperature Control By a bath circulator
Cell 10 mm2 quartz cell (transparent in 4 sides)
Spaces for Optical Filters At the exciting side and the detection side
Data Processor
OS Windows® 7 or later
Control Interface DIO (PCI), GPIB (PCI)
Software Averaging, Overlaying, Converting of wavelength axis and time axis, Non-linear least square fitting, Data storing in text format
Single-Wavelength Monochromator System
Spectrometer MF200
Optical Alignment Czerny-Turner grating
Focal Distance 200 mm
Speed F/3.5
Linear Dispersion 8.5 nm/mm
Slit Width 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.5 mm
Monochromatic Detector
Detector Photomultiplier tube
Response 5 nsec or less
High-Voltage Power Supply 0 ~ 1100 V adjustable
Control Circuit Wavelength scanning circuit
Digital Oscilloscope High-voltage feedback circuit, Sampling rate: 1.25 GS/sec max, Vertical sensitivity: 1 mV/div ~ 10 V/div, Time axis range: 40 nsec/div ~ 10 sec/div
Multi-Channel Spectrophotometer System
Spectrometer MD 308
Czerny-Turner, grating
Gratings 3 different gratings automatically changeable
300 mm
Speed F/4
5.4 nm/mm (when using the 600 g/mm grating)
10 mm ~ 3 mm continuously changeable
Multi-Channel Detector
Detector Photodiode array 1024ch with a gated image intensifier
5nsec ~ 10μsec
Intensifier Gain
Pulse generator with GPIB interface
100 nm, 200 nm, 400 nm (400 nm when using MD 200)

Optional Accessories

  • Exciting light source 266 nm
  • OPO wavelength-changeable laser
  • Low-temperature cell chamber (-80°C ~ +100°C)
  • Stopped-flow mixer (for flow flash measurement)
  • Bath Circulator
  • Optical filters