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Rapid-Scan Stopped-Flow Spectroscopy System RSP-2000

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Rapid-Scan Stopped-Flow Spectroscopy System RSP-2000

RSP-2000 is a state-of-the-art stopped flow system which has over 35 year wealth of experience on the market. It is capable of fast multichannel detection, measures up to 8000 absorption spectra under the reaction at the shortest of 1 millisecond intervals.

Monochromatic detection by photomultiplier is provided as standard. The standard configurations are: Light source, Stopped-Flow Mixer with an Automatic Cock, Spectrometer Data processor, Mutichannel detector, Photomultiplier and Optical Guides. High-performance software helps you to acquire the best data by the easiest operation and calculate the reaction velocity on the same display. Fluorescence measurements and Flow Flash measurements with laser are available on request.

System Components

  • Light Source
  • Stopped-Flow mixer with an automatic cock
  • Multi-channel detector
  • Monochromatic detector
  • System Controller
  • Optical Guides
  • Data Processor

Light Source
Lamp 150 W Xe arc lamp
Lamp Housing Air-cooling, Shutter, Iris, Optical filter holder
Stopped-flow Mixer with an Automatic Cock
Mixing Dead Time 3 msec or less (10 mm cell), 0.9 msec (10 mm microcell)
Mixer Double 2 JET
Mode Piston-drive, Front-stop
Cells 10 mm cell for absorption measurement. 2 mm cell for fluorescence measurement (option)
Mixing Ratio 1:1 (up to 1:9 available by option)
Sample Amount 75μL ~ 250 μL/shot
Temperature Range 5°C ~ 60°C
Multi-Channel Detection
Spectrometer Polychromator PK120
Dispersion Element Aberration-corrected Concave Grating
Brightness F/2.9
Linear Dispersion 22 nm/mm
Slit Width 0.05 mm, 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm
Second Diffraction Cut-off Dedicated filter is incorporated
Detector Photodiode array 512ch
Maximum Scan Speed 1 msec ~ 10 sec/scan
Number of Scan Up to 8000
Spectral Width 560 nm* Specify central wavelength at the time of order.
Monochromator Detection
Spectrometer Monochromator MF200
Dispersion Element Plane Blazed Holographic Grating
Brightness F/3.5
Linear Dispersion 8.5 nm/mm
Slit Width 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.5 mm
Second Diffraction Cut-off None
Detector Hamamatsu PMT R2949
Filter Time Constant 10 μs ~ 600 ms
Sampling Time 10 μs ~ 600 ms
Optical Guides
Material UV-transmittable quartz
Length 1 m
Data Processor
OS Windows 7/XP/2000
Interface PCI bus
Software Automatic washing, non-linear least square fitting, data storing by text file

Optional Accessories

  • Kit for fluorescence measurement
  • Bath circulator
  • Double-mixer with an automatic cock
  • Low-temperature double-mixer with an automatic cock
  • Light source for fluorescence measurement (150W Xe-Hg lamp)
  • Microcell Kit
  • Reservoir Syringe Kit