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High-Performance STM Probes

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Nickel, Platiniridium Probes

SEM image of tip of nickel probe

SEM image of tip of nickel probe

The stability of STM measurements is greatly influenced by the quality of the probe. Namely, good STM measurement results often cannot be obtained because the tip diameter of the probe varies. Contamination of the probe surface, and flaws in cleaning process can also be the reason. UNISOKU has successfully developed nickel and platiniridium STM probes using an electropolishing method that can solve these problems, yielding fine tip diameters with minimal contamination. Our metal probes allow you to experience a higher level of stability than it was ever possible. Our conventional tungsten probes are still available as well.

Line-up of High-Performance STM Probes

Enables Reliable STM Measurement Without Requiring Troublesome Probe Treatment*1

UNISOKU has confirmed that atomic images can be reliably obtained, without the need for high-temperature heat treatment, when observing HOPG in air and gold in an ultra-high vacuum.

*1: Applies only to Nickel and Platiniridium probes. However, when observing active surfaces, heating is recommended for degassing.

* Noble metal (Au, Ag) coatings for Nickel probes are under development. Contact UNISOKU for details.

* Due to the detrimental accumulation of carbon that accompanies SEM observation, inspected probes should not be used in STM observations.

Example of STM image

SEM image of nickel probe tip

Example of STM image of HOPG with Nickel probe

SEM image of nickel probe tip

Example of STM image of Au (111) with Nickel probe