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Au film on Mica AU25M

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A gold (Au) deposition film on a mica substrate is the optimum substrate for scanning probe microscopy of monomolecular films

Au film on Mica AU25M

Typical STM Image (1×1μm)

Typical STM Image of Au film on Mica AU25M

The Herringbone Structure (250×250 nm)


  • Mica substrate size: 25 × 25 mm (Standard)
  • Gold (Au) film thickness: 300 nm


  1. There are grip sections for tweezers at the margin.
    Please be informed that this product does not mean to be available to use the whole 25x25mm.
  2. Please bear in mind that because this product uses natural mica substrates, its surface has a certain amount of wrinkles and bumps as characteristics of mica.
  3. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Heat Treatment

  • Heat-treatment, around 700°C, is necessary to the sample before using, with a hydrogen or butane flame in air to obtain a gold surface with a Au (111) orientation.
  • With the herringbone structure characteristic of Au (111), the heat-treated surface will automically have smooth terraces, with average sizes on the order of 150 × 150 nm.