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Electron-beam Heater for STM tip EBT-100

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Tip cleaning by electron beam heating in UHV conditions

Electron-beam Heater for STM tip EBT-100 Head EBT-100 power supply Remote controller

Compact electron beam gun and power supply for STM tip cleaning in UHV. Thermal electrons from a tungsten filament are focused on the STM tip. Tip filament distance is able to adjust by linear motion feedthrough.


  • Easy operation, light weight, compact
  • Intensive heating of probe tip in ultra high vacuum
  • Dramatic effect on data improvement in Ultra-high vacuum STM measurement


  • The tip of the electron beam STM probe is heated and cleaned In ultra high vacuum


Electron Beam Gun 1
Power Supply 1
Remote control(EBR-100) 1
Cable 1
Exchange Filament (U200-1030) 1
Manual 1


Electron Beam Gun
Filament Tungsten
Vacuum Requirement 1 × 10 - 8 Torr
Mounting Flange ø70 ICF
Overall length (minimum) 337.8mm(Changeable)
Liner Motion Stroke 46mm(Adjustable)
Weight <3kg
Power Supply
Filament voltage Max. 12V (variable)
Filament current Max. 3.0A (variable)
Acceleration voltage 0 ~ -1.5 kV (variable)
Emission current Max. 5.9 mA (variable)
Weight <5Kg

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