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Accessories for SPM

Electro-Chemical Etching System for STM tip UTE-1001

Electrochemical Etching System for STM Tip UTE-1001

Sharpens the tip by electrochemical Etching for STM.

Input Power AC 100V 50/60 Hz
Voltage Setting DC 0–12 V
Stop Current 0–3 mA
Tip Material Tungsten (Φ 0.3 mm)
Tip Curvature Radius tens of nano meter
Basic Components 1 Main Unit
1 Power Supply
1 Cable
1 Electrochemical Cell
1 Cell Table
1 Set of Accessories
2 Nipple Bulbs (2.2 V)
3 Tungsten Wires (f 0.3 mm × 30 mm)

K-Cell Evaporator U100-1000

K-Cell Evaporator U100-1000

Knudsen Cell evaporator heats and deposits the material on the target surface in UHV. The temperature range is from 300°C to 1000°C.

Heater Φ 0.5 mm tungsten
Flange Size Φ ICF70 mm
Thermo-Couple Almelu-cromel
Crucible Capacity Max. 0.3 cc
Operating Temperature 300–1000°C
Allowable Current 11 A
Basic Components 1 Main Unit
1 Cable with thermo-couple wire (Exclusive cable for U100-1000)
1 Crucible (Excluded the power supply and the temperature regulator)

Heater power control unit SPC-MTC

Heater power control unit SPC-MTC
  • Two output channel to control external heater power supply
  • Two input channels for monitor the reference signals
  • Closed feedback loop mode
  • USB interface for PC connection and the easy control software
  • Programmable temperature setting
Input power 90~240V
Thermocouple sensors K type, W-Re type
Connection with PC USB
OS Windows® 7 or later
Size W 483 × D 350 × H 88 (mm)
(19-inch rack type, EIA pitch, 2U)

Liquid Helium Level Gage HLM-100

Liquid Helium Level Gage HLM-100

Displays the liquid level of Helium tank for USM 1400.
Makes it possible to monitor the liquid surface by connecting to PC.

Input Power Source AC90~240V
Sensor Input 1 channel (RM12BRD Receptacle 5 pin socket)
Position Output 1 channel (BNC Receptacle)
PC Connection USB(mini-B Type)
OS Windows® 7(32bit/64bit) / Windows® 10(32bit/64bit)
Dimentions W 180× D 240 × H 78 (mm)

Modulation Transformer SPC-DTF

Liquid Helium Level Gage SPC-DTF

This device is used for adding modulation to STM bias.
Must-have item for dI/dV Measurement with external Lock-In amplifier.
Low noise level by applying transformer coupling.

In/Output capacity 0.7 pF
Signal decay rate 1/10
Signal Frequency 100~300kHz
Dimentions W 120 x D 150 x H 70 (mm)

Stage Position Sensor SPC-UCP

Stage Position Sensor SPC-UCP

SPC-UCP is a controller to detect the position of Z stage for throw in SPM head such as USM1 5 00 series.
Throw in type cannot observe the approach point of sample and probe by sight. SP C UCP helps to greatly reduce time for approaching by detecting Z stage position.

Input Power Source: AC90~240V
Sensor Input 1 Channel (RM12BRD Receptacle 7 pin)
Position Output 1 Channel (BNC Receptacle)
PC Connection USB
OS Windows® XP or Windows® 7
Dimentions W 180 × D 240 × H 78 (mm)
Display Range 0 ~ 6.0 mm (0.2 mm accuracy)