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DC Power supply for sample heating APS-100

DC Power supply for sample heating APS-100 APS-100 Body Remote controller

APS100 is a DC power supply for heating samples for nano measuring. Maximum value is 24V/14A. You can freely set the current and voltage, and the Constant voltage mode and Constant current mode switches over automatically. With attached remote control (EBR 200), you can control the output while sample observation. V oltage out put is controllable from an external device as well.


  • Able to output specified amount of voltage and current
  • 2 channles of external signal input port, monitors analog signals from radiation thermometers or vacuum indicator
  • Control output using exclusive remote control
  • Control output voltage from control voltage of external devices (input range of control voltage is 0~10V. output range is 0~25V. current command value is set at14A under external control.)


Power supply body 1
Remote controller(EBR-200) 1
AC cable 1
User's manual 1


  • humidity 20~90%(without condensation)
  • Temperature for storage  -20 ~ +70℃
  • temperature for use   0 ~ +40℃
  • In/output
  • Analog input 0~10V(VOLTAGEAGE terminal)
           0~10V(VACUUMAGE terminal)
           0~ 2V(TEMP.AGE terminal)
  • Analog output 0~-1.4V(CUR.MON. terminal)
  • REMOTE terminal TTL level(5V logic)
  • Output terminal 0~24V/0~14A(OUTPUT terminal)
  • USB terminal for PC connection
  • Control microcomputer
  • Analog output 1 ch (12bit DAC)
  • Analog input 3 ch (12bit ADC)
  • Dimensions W 202mm × H 148 mm × D 307 mm
    Weight < 5Kg
    Power AC90~250V(50/60Hz)
    Capacity less than 420 VA