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Optical Instruments In-House Experimental Demonstrations

Because we aim for after-purchase satisfaction, we provide our customers the opportunity to check the product performance before purchase. Further, we also aim to help customers who are not ready to purchase our systems conduct their research. To these ends, we have set up a room showing the newest instruments, both for demonstration purposes and for in-house experiment service.

Permanent equipment

For product specifications, please refer to each product page.

picoTAS-ps(Picosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy System)

Picosecond model with 100 ps time resolution
Excitation light wavelength is tunable (410 nm ~ 680 nm)

(Combined System of Picosecond Transient Absorption and TCSPC Fluorescence Lifetime)

picoTAS <Permanent options>
  • Degassing (argon gas bubbling) equipment
  • Thin type for picoTAS, Cryostat for Spectrophotometer CoolSpeK ST
  • Thin Film Scanners
  • Various sample holders(Made by 3D printer and others)
  • Picosecond diode laser for fluorescence lifetime measurement (405 nm, 515 nm)



Conventional UV/VIS/NIR Flash Photolysis System + Visible range, high-sensitivity measurement option
Excitation light wavelength tunable (410 nm ~ 680 nm)
☆ TSP-1000 Multi-channel detection system is under construction


Cryostat for Spectrophotometer USP-203 Series

Cryostat for Spectrophotometer USP-203 Series CoolSpeK

We also offer on-site CoolSpeK demonstration at your facility. CoolSpek adaptation to your spectrometer for demonstration measurements is available. (only domestic)

Experimental room

Inside the experimental room