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Artwork:Blue Floating Artwork featured on the cover of the 2023 NewsLetter.Reproduction strictly prohibited, all rights belong to the artist.

Naho Ito

This is an artist who is actively engaged in their craft, based in Kyoto (Japan).

Instagram Logo Instagram:nahoito_at.y

Naho Ito CV

2002 B.F.A in Japanese Painting, Tama Art University ⁄ Tokyo

Solo Exhibitions

2022 "Constellation",  Gallery G-77 ⁄ Kyoto
2019 "A Word",  Gallery G-77 ⁄ Kyoto
2018 “A Walk with Kierkegaard II”,  Art Gallery Kitano ⁄ Kyoto
2013 “A Walk with Kierkegaard”,  Art Gallery Kitano ⁄ Kyoto
2009 “Forest of Paintings”,  Gallery Maronie ⁄ Kyoto
2007 “Moment” paint fresco,  Otowa Restaurant ⁄ Tochigi

Selected Groupe Exhibitions & Fairs

2023 the 28th SEN  Kyoto City Kyocera Museum ⁄ Kyoto (Tue., Apr. 25 - Sun., Apr. 30)
     the 6th NANASOTEN  Gallery Create Raku ⁄ Kyoto
2022 SUMI  Myokoji-Temple ⁄ Kyoto
     SEN + en Japanese style painting exhibision  Kyoto City Kyocera Museum ⁄ Kyoto
     MONOCHROME  Gallery EGAKU ⁄ Kyoto
     “Butterfly Dream ~A Dream within a Dream~”  Myokoji-Temple ⁄ Kyoto
     the 5th NANASOTEN  Gallery Create Raku ⁄ Kyoto
2021 SEN small works exhibition  Gallery Keifu ⁄ Kyoto
     the 26th SEN  Kyoto City Museum ⁄ Kyoto
2020 Art on Paper  Gallery G-77 ⁄ NY
2019 ”The shapeless form”  Gallery EGAKU ⁄ Kyoto
     Seattle Art Fair  Gallery G-77 ⁄ Seattle
     AAF Battersea  Gallery G-77 ⁄ London
     AAF Brussels  Gallery G-77 ⁄ Blussels
     art MRKT San Francisco  Gallery Repost ⁄ San Francisco
2018 SCOPE Art Show NY,  Gallery G-77
     SCOPE Art Show Basel,  Gallery G-77
     AAF Battersea,  Gallery G-77
2017 1st Anniversay Exhibition of Gallery EGAKU  Gallery EGAKU ⁄ Kyoto
2016 "Coincidence"  Myokoji-Temple ⁄ Kyoto


 "When I paint, I always think about a shivering that humans long, long ago felt from an internal shock. That shiver forced them to speak words that didn't yet have meaning and made them into one person and then an individual. I want to reach that shivering from where we are now, and I start drawing a picture by drawing lines, coloring, and pulling water. I'm not drawing a grand story, a firm image, or any personal claims or messages. Just as there is not just one path to somewhere, everything intertwines in this world full of contradictions, there is nothing definitive, and everything is moving. I'm trying to depict the tension of a moment when various incompatible things, acceptable things, familiar things, unfamiliar things, things that appear similar but are completely different, acknowledge each other while retaining their individuality, without abandoning those contradictions. Moreover, that moment is moving. I think it has a certain nobility similar to that first shivering. And in that gap, light can be glimpsed. That's the kind of painting I want to create."

Naho Ito