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Temperature Controller for Thermal Evaporator

Temperature Controller for Thermal Evaporator
Input Voltage 100 ~ 240 V
Maximum Output Voltage 15 V
Maximum Output Current 7 A (digital meter indication)
Number of Outputs 4-Channel switching system
Output Current Adjustment Manual adjustment of current output
Temperature Monitor
Temperature Sensor W-Re thermocouple (for high-temperature evaporation models UE-104CT, 103CST, and 103CSFT) K-type thermocouple (for organic molecular evaporation models UE-204CT, 203CST, and 203CSFT)
Number of Channels Displayed 1 channel (interlocking with the control channel)
Thermal Control
Control Circuit Current output PI control based on the temperature sensor input
Number of Channels Controlled 1 channel (4-channel switching system)
Set Temperature Input Input to the 10-turn potentiometer and indicated on the digital meter
Steel Case Approx. W 430 × D 350 × H 100 mm