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Joule-Thomson UHV SPM with SC Magnet

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Minimum L-He consumption
Optical access in magnetic field


In situ deposition at observation point using four deposition ports
Laser entrance from two optical ports
Mounting L-He tank and L-N2 tank, realizing low L-He consumption of 0.1 L/h
Four days continuous operation is possible with 9.5 L L-He tank


  • Low temperature SPM in magnetic field plus eye observation of tip
  • Flag/flat sample, sample entrance using wobble stick
  • High performance TYTO™ head, realizing wide scan (4 µm) AFM at low temperature, mounting KolibriSensor™
  • Observation temperature as low as 1.2 K
  • Magnetic field of 3 T
  • Four days hold time with L-He


  • SPM for cleavage face, micro structure
  • In situ deposition, Adsorption of atoms and molecules
  • Photoexcitation STM/AFM
  • Inelastic tunnel spectroscopy
  • Applications using AFM function with atomic resolution


Max Scan Size (X × Y × Z)4 × 4 × 0.4 µm (T <5 K)
Base Temperature<1.2 K
Magnetic Field3 T (Option)
Stability20 pm/h
Minimum tunneling current0.5 pA
Base Pressure Obs. Prep. Ch. 3.0 ×10-8 Pa, LLC 1.3 ×10-5 Pa

PDF SPM System Table